Show Troop Support

Show Troop Support
“Freedom isn’t free, but saying “Thank You” is”
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First, I’d like to thank the wonderfully creative and caring people at Coloring Card Company that took a drawing from a six-year-old child and made it into a Hero Card, and for supporting this website so that ALL children can have a way to show their support for our troops. You do color the world brighter!

This Hero Card, a simple heart drawing with a patriotic interior was truly a “work from the heart” of a little girl for her Air Force father. The story of the card is written on the back and says:

“One day my daddy told me he had to go far away. He said he was going for a long time. I was vary sad and asked why. He said he had to keep me and my family safe. I missed him vary much so I drawed him this special heart to show how much I love him. I colored it like the flag because my daddy says we love America and the flag. My daddy is my hero.”

That daddy is my husband; the little artist is my daughter. Sharing her heart for her hero is my mission. I was touched by the image she drew and the message that is written on the inside of the card. I was brought to tears to see the heart come home, as one of the few remembrances of a deployment to foreign, hostile soils. I was honored to know her heart had become a card, and a Hero card at that! We have been interviewed, and articles have been written about the birth of the Hero card.

I am constantly overwhelmed by the fellow military families that we know and meet along our journey. I am touched by their lives, their sacrifices, their strength and their courage. I am proud to know them, to be among them. I am proud to be an American and have them fighting for me.

It is because of each one of them, and the hundreds of thousands that I will never meet, that I have a mission. My mission is to share the Hero heart with every person in the Armed Forces including every active duty member, every reservist, every member of the guard, AND every veteran. We owe them each a debt of gratitude that we can never repay. Saying “thank-you” is the very least we can do.

As part of my mission, I ask that you take a moment and show your support of the troops. Whether you agree with the politics or not, the men and women of the military are fighting for our freedoms. It is our duty at home to support them, right or wrong. It is our responsibility to take care of them and let them know we care. They protect our freedoms; gifts from our founding fathers and all who have fought to keep them safe.

The Hero card also began as a gift. It continues to give. Now you and others can share it with the heroes in your lives, from the military troops home and abroad to the everyday heroes that keep us safe.

Help me on my mission. Spread the word. Thank the troops and all our heroes,

Karen Pearson